N is for Nate

Pint of American beer

Pint of American beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Nate,

Thanks again for the walk and the impromptu pub dinner the other night. It was nice to meet you and find out a little more about you. I wanted to think about this carefully before I got back to you, Nate, because I’ve already made one snap judgement about you.

One of the big problems with online dating is that it’s so easy to rule somebody out without knowing anything about them. As you know, I was prepared to rule you out because you listened to country music and because you wanted to become a snowbird. I’m glad that I met you and found out what your real plans were for travelling once you retired. When you said snowbird, I saw a little house on a golf course in Arizona somewhere, not a winter in Australia, and then a winter somewhere in South America, and then a winter travelling through the southern US. What a good reminder for me not to judge too hastily.

That being said, I still can’t see how you and I could make things work together. We both have complicated home lives and responsibilities that will continue for a good many years. Sometimes timing decides things for us.

You are a really good guy, Nate and I hope that the right woman appears in your life soon.

Warm regards,


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