O is for Oliver

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Oliver,

Thanks so much for coffee yesterday.  It was nice to meet you in person and hear a bit more about your work and your travels. It was clear the minute you pulled up in the Porsche convertible that you were a successful man, but I had no idea how many cases a single trial lawyer could juggle. I’m surprised you have time to breathe!

It’s funny that even though we move in very different circles, it didn’t take us long to find people we know in common. Yes, you can say hello to Gary from me. What a coincidence that you are representing someone with whom I used to teach (I hope you win that case!) Actually, I think I’ve seen Gary on Plenty of Fish. Victoria is such a small town.

My sense, Oliver, is that we see relationships from very different perspectives. I am an eternal optimist, convinced that should I find the right man, and should I work hard enough at the relationship, I might still have a chance at happily ever after. You seem pretty convinced that happily ever after is an illusion. With such different perspectives, I can’t see that it could work for us.

I hope that you get things sorted out with your daughter. It must be hard to see her pushing you away at the moment. I’m sure in time she’ll come around.

Good luck in the court of appeals later this week!

All the best!


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