The Perfection of the Moment

Lightening viewed from front door

Lightening viewed from front door (Photo credit: Sascha Grant)


We’ve had a huge thunder and lightening storm this evening, an event that is remarkable in its rarity in this little corner of the world. My 12 year old son and I stood under the eaves of the house, sheltered from the rain and wrapped together in a blanket, and delighted in the boom and crackle of the thunder, and the flashes of lightening.  It was the first time he remembered seeing forked lightening, and the wonder on his face is a memory I want to preserve forever.

It’s been a good day, a day filled with small moments that leave me feeling grateful and very fortunate.

I woke to the crack of thunder and then, within moments, the sound of a heavy downpour. I love the sound of rain, especially in the summer, and it was loud enough to prompt me to pad downstairs, open the back door, and watch the raindrops bounce off the patio.  And a rainy July morning was permission enough to make a mug of Earl Grey tea, head back to bed, and read my book for a half hour before my littlest guy appeared, tousled still from sleep, and ready for a cuddle.

Within a couple of hours, the sun had reappeared, and the boys and I went for a long hike. We walked through a forest of old-growth cedar, with lush carpets of fern and salal, up through a grassy glade, through stands of old oak trees, and eventually to a bluff overlooking the Georgia Strait and a number of fog-shrouded Gulf Islands. We sat on the sun-warmed rocks, enjoying the view, and watching the dragonflies dart back and forth.

Cedar growing over rock | Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Photo by Sam Beebe, Ecotrust.

And tonight, laughter around the table as we ate dinner outside, the storm clouds still some way off. And then a cut throat checkers tournament that saw my 12 year old let his little brother beat him (twice).  When it was my turn to play this generous soul, he showed no such mercy. I was soundly defeated.

These are the moments I need to remember, the moments I sometimes rush through, too preoccupied with the thoughts in my head to just enjoy what is actually happening in that moment. I feel at peace today, content in my life, grateful for all that is good in my life, for the many small gifts of the everyday.


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Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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7 Responses to The Perfection of the Moment

  1. The simplest moments are always the best. I use to love when the kids would cuddle in during a storm…thanks for the memory.

  2. babedarla says:

    Oh my goodness, what an awesome day! looks like we both woke to thunder and lightning!

    • Sally says:

      This is one of the things I love about blogging – the way that our experiences converge even though we’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart…

  3. fnfkathy says:

    Love this!!!! I love that you wrapped in blankets…this is something I would totally do… XO

  4. There’s something very sweet about enjoying time with your kids, it often makes me feel perfectly satisfied with life. Only, mine will leave soon (ish – Ms M is 15).

    • Sally says:

      When I really attend to my children, I feel as you do, absolutely content with the world. But I’m often lost in my head and have to remind myself to pay attention and really enjoy this time. My eldest is 15, and I see how quickly he’s growing up.

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