The Wind in My Sails

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

“Are you having fun yet?” Dan teases me as he pours me another glass of wine. We’re on his sailboat, watching the sun set over southern Vancouver Island. The evening is warm and there’s hardly any breeze. Sidney Spit stretches out behind us, a long thin strip of sandy beach, and beyond that Mt. Baker shimmers pink in the distance. I am having a great time. I love being on the water, the salt tang of the air, the muted sounds drifting from boats moored nearby. It is so incredibly peaceful and so beautiful.  And I’m enjoying myself with Dan; we’ve been talking and laughing all evening.

“Wait a second,” I hear you thinking. “I thought you’d just embarked on a period of being on your own! I thought you were giving up men!”

Well, sort of. I am embarking on a period without a long-term romantic partner in my life, and without the pressure of finding that long-term partner. I definitely need a break from all that. But do I have to give up men all together? I don’t think so.

Dan and I have a very clear understanding: I am not long-term material for him; and he is not long term material for me. But both of us are single, we enjoy spending time together, and hell!  It’s the summertime and Dan has a sailboat!  All this means is a bit of summer fun. Do we intend to spend all summer hanging out together? No. But if we both have a free weekend, and the sun is shining, then why not get away on his sailboat?

I’ve never operated this way before, and neither has he. But as he pointed out to me, we’re both currently single. Apparently the way we have operated in the past hasn’t exactly been successful either. So why not give this a go? Why not have a bit of fun?

I could be spending the weekend at home on my own. But here’s what I’d be missing: the sunset and the salty breeze; the glass of wine and the laughter; the moon rising red from behind Mt. Baker; and a deep sense of happiness.

Instead of spending the weekend at home, I’m sailing. I’m sailing away from safe harbour.  I’m discovering, once again, how much I love being out on the water. I’m discovering, once again, how much I love having the wind in my sails.


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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11 Responses to The Wind in My Sails

  1. amb says:

    LOVE this attitude! Sailing in the summertime – why not enjoy it?!? 🙂

  2. Ha! I had just finished reading (and rejoicing at) your solo summer when I read this post and thought, “Wait a second. I thought you’d given up men for a while” just as you predicted a reader might say. But you’ve won me over. Life is short and a tan (I trust) sailor is calling–enjoy!

    • I know… It’s all so contradictory. What I’ve given up on for the moment is the quest for “The One,” and the search for the long term relationship. But if my sailor is available from time to time for a weekend away or a Tuesday night glass of wine, I’m saying yes!

  3. amcasperforu says:

    Nice one.. Live life as if there’s no more tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this thought. 🙂 Have you watched Bucket List?

    • Thank you! I haven’t watched the Bucket List, though I should, I guess. I have an older cousin who had a bout of cancer as a young man, and he introduced me to the bucket list idea more than 20 years ago. He called his list, “Things to do before I die.” I’m happy to report that he is alive and well, and still knocking things off his list!

  4. billgncs says:

    some men find women good company, and experiences shared ( like wine ) always seem enhanced.

  5. coastalmom says:

    I enjoy your writing. This one was even better the second time around!

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