The Do It Yourself Sangria Kit

sangriaI’m not sure if there is any more evocative summer drink than sangria. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that I like an icy cold glass of sangria even more than a gin and tonic. But just barely. And not on a sailboat. One should always drink gin and tonic on a sailboat. At least I think so.


The Do It Yourself Sangria Kit

But on a sunny afternoon or evening, on the deck or on the patio, sangria is just about the perfect summer drink. And as I’m such a flexible kind of girl, I’m even prepared to indulge in a glass of sangria into September. Especially when Kira, Queen of All the Internet Dating, arrives for a visit with a “Do It Yourself Sangria Kit.” You can see why I love this girl.

Kira doesn’t drink much. But she knows that I do. So when she came over recently, the day after a party, she very thoughtfully brought me the leftovers. (Don’t you think that leftover sangria is better than leftover hotdogs? I was very grateful). When she arrived, Kira produced from a gift bag a bottle of wine, a can of soda water, and a pitcher of fruit already macerating in Grand Marnier. The Do It Yourself Sangria Kit!

So much better than flowers.

Really I don’t know what I’d do without a friend like Kira.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might be wondering what happened to Kira. I haven’t written about her for a while now. I am very sorry to have to inform you that Kira, Queen of All the Internet Dating, is off the internet. After enduring years of (completely unfounded) accusations that she is a heartless serial dater, Kira has proven wrong the many men she’s cast aside. Kira is no longer dating. She has a man in her life.

And not just any man. This man is (or was, way back when he was in high school) a celebrated athlete.  “It took me thirty years,” Kira laughs, “but I’m shagging the captain of the football team!”

Read that and weep, all you aging cheerleaders.

I’m so happy for Kira. Really I am. It is lovely to see her so content in her life. But I have to admit that I miss her entertaining dating stories. I miss hearing about Crazy Cat Boy and The Cow Whisperer. I want to know whatever happened to The Horny Baptist. I wonder about the man who was so besotted with Kira that he ditched his toupee for her.

I’m delighted for Kira that she’s so happy. And I’m delighted to have such a funny and thoughtful friend in my life. And if we can’t share stories of Good Dates Gone Horribly Wrong, then at least we can share a couple of glasses of Do It Yourself Sangria.

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7 Responses to The Do It Yourself Sangria Kit

  1. Marianne says:

    What a lovely gift. Kira sounds like quite a gal!

    We tend to put lemonade into our home-made Sangria instead of soda and add brandy rather than Grand Marnier.


  2. The Landy says:

    “I want to know whatever happened to The Horny Baptist.” That just read so funny!

    And gin & tonic gets my vote!

  3. YEARS of internet dating? I’ve been doing it for 4 months and already i’ve had enough! I want a man already! (but like Kira, not just any man).

    • Nothing wears a woman (or a man) down like internet dating. Four months! I can’t believe you haven’t shared more stories on your blog. I’m starting to think about getting back out there, but it’s terrifying really 🙂

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