The Pleasures of Late September

Farm MarketI was out for a walk the other night and realized that by 8:30 it was getting dark. And though the day had been beautiful, the air, once evening fell, could only be described as bracing. It makes me a little sad. I love summer. And I’ve especially loved this summer, so full of adventure and new experience. I’m not quite ready for it to end.

farm marketBut September brings its own pleasures, chief among them the bounty at the farm markets. The tomatoes are beautiful right now, ripe and redolent of sunshine, and the basil is so fragrant that it fills my car with scent in the short drive home. I can choose between the slim, dark green, French beans and the crisp scarlet runners, between the New Zealand spinach and the tender lettuce.

Farm Market TomatoesThe market is a riot of colour and texture, scent and shape. The deep red beets. The bright yellow and green summer squash. The dark leafy greens. The cheerful reds and yellows and oranges of the tiny, sweet tomatoes. The pale green ears of freshly picked corn. And the pink blush of the first apples.

This summer was truly delicious in so many ways.  I’m mourning its end. But as summer fades into autumn, I need to remind myself that with a new season will come new gifts.


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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11 Responses to The Pleasures of Late September

  1. Marianne says:

    It´s wonderful to look out for the pleasures of life – whatever time of year it is 🙂

  2. jazzminey says:

    Your description of the summer market left me salivating. It certainly lived up to being “Deliberately Delicious” as in the title of you blog. The seasons are changing here in Wisconsin too. Some of the gifts I enjoy at the start of fall are; being able to snuggle in warm clothes, the change of color in the maples, birch and sumac, the waving tall goldenrod, the brisk air. It is so refreshing after the long hot summer we had this year.

  3. Seb says:

    i’m definitely not boarding up this winter. I am putting on my good boots and dark coat and going walking! I, too, came too far in the summer to stop for a little inclement weather.

    • It feels good to move forward and to know that it would be wrong to slow down. Today is the first day where it’s felt cool in the morning, as though there’s rain to come. It’s time for me to pull out the boots and the coats too!

  4. You’re very virtuous to appreciate vegetables so well! I’m a vegetarian, and although I think they look nice just home from the supermarket, I don’t much like to eat them…I’d much rather eat cheese and onion crisps.

  5. Oh, they look delicious. I can only say, as we in Melbourne come out of the coldest winter in a few decades, though I love the seasons for what each offers…right now, perpetual summer would be fine by me. 🙂

  6. Linda Hoye says:

    It sounds like you and I are experiencing the same thing this time of year! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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