My Mermaid Heart

Mermaid Heart

“Mermaid Heart” card by Curly Girl Designs

“The wild ocean would always have her mermaid heart…”

If there was a theme in my life in 2012 it was the year I gave free rein to my free spirit. Over and over, I asked myself the same question, a question that has guided me well in the past few years: what does my soul long for?

My soul, it seems, was craving creativity and adventure. And so I fed my creative spirit, writing and dancing and doing photography; and I filled my mermaid’s heart with briny sea-memories. I spent time on the ocean, sailing and kayaking; I spent time by the sea, hiking and camping and walking beaches. And, satisfying my craving for travel, I visited New Orleans, a city I’d been longing to explore for years. It was a very good year.

When I think of the past year, I am filled with gratitude for my good fortune and for the delicious opportunities that presented themselves when I was most ready for them. And I realize how important it is to continue to feed my soul through creative pursuits and adventures big and small.

One thing that I’ll be working on this year, a theme for me in 2013, will be integration. I tend to keep the different parts of my life quite separate, spending one week, for example,Β  being a responsible single parent, completely focussed on her children, and the next week squeezing in as much fun, free-spirit time as possible. It’s time for me to bring some of that free spirit sensibility to my parenting, and perhaps also to my work. It’s time, too, to dissolve the borders, at least a little, between my children and my romantic partner. I have guarded my children fiercely, protecting them at all cost. It’s time to let that go. They are happy, well-adjusted, resilient boys.

And so there are challenges ahead for me, places that I haven’t been ready to explore, places that scare me a little. But it’s time to at least begin to bring together the disparate parts of my life. I can be responsible and free-spirited; I can at once be professional and creative and adventurous; I can find ways in my every day life to honour my mermaid heart.


What themes emerged in your life in 2012? What themes can you see playing out in the year ahead?


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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37 Responses to My Mermaid Heart

  1. Brigitte says:

    Sally, what a inspirational and beautiful post. I’ve always loved mermaids — I cut out a picture of one long ago and still have it tucked away to look at — to paint and come up with my own interpretation of it. It sounds as if you have a wonderful “plan” and I applaud you for that and for your “letting your boys go” as this, as you know is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Someone once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I think that’s true. Those scary things sometimes lead us to the most wonderful places and invaluable discoveries about ourselves. Good luck to you, my friend on your journey. Your post has inspired me and really, isn’t that what it’s all about? Happy 2013!

    • Happy 2013 to you too, Brigitte! So often the good stuff happens at the outer edges of what feels comfortable in our lives. I find in blogging the inspiration of others, and also the inspiration to go a little further and dig a little deeper in my own life. It is a wonderful gift.

  2. From one mermaid to another, go for it! Good luck on your journey, beautiful pic too!

  3. I think your words resonate with most women. I think your goal for the new year is perfect and I have no doubt you will be successful. Doing scary things have always proven to be the best time ever for me, but I still struggle with that initial first step. Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration!

    • And thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog! I’m so glad that my writing has an impact. It’s the great beauty of blogging: finding inspiration in the writing of our fellow bloggers – and occasionally knowing that our writing makes a difference for someone else. Happy New Year to you!

  4. kp says:

    What an inspiring post!!! This is what I want in my life!! It is funny how we offer wishes to other people that reflect our deepest wants without even noticing it. On my Christmas cards this year, I was saying, “May the new year be full of joy, beauty and adventure for you!” It sounds like that is what I need to wish into my own life….I am so happy for you that you made it happen in your own life in 2012, and that you plan to deepen that process in 2013. Kim

  5. yes! i love your mermaid heart and all you’ve accomplished. you go get em!! πŸ™‚

  6. becca3416 says:

    I always loved me some Ariel. You seem to be navigating life with a great attitude so keep at it :).

  7. Hey, go to the places that “scare” you a little – they are always the best once you get there!

  8. The Hook says:

    Something tells me you’re up to facing any challenge 2013 throws at you. Good luck.

  9. Happy New Year – I just stumbled upon your mermaid. Lovely post!

  10. El Guapo says:

    Seems like 2013 will be a year of adventure for you too.
    Have fun, and have at it!

    • I hope so. I’m certainly staying open to the possibilities that will arrive – whatever they might be! I have been having a terrible time with my internet connection, and apologize for not having dropped by for some Friday Fun recently… I’ve missed it!

  11. Seb says:

    In my experience adventure begets adventure…

  12. Jerry says:

    After 5 years of separation my life is not integrated. My life with my children and my life with my new partner are to all intents and purposes separate. Thankfully, there has been a recent thawing with one of my children. There is no good age for children when separation strikes, but my own experience is that because my kids were teenagers it has been difficult for them to accept my new situation. Not only is it emotionally difficult and confusing for them, but they are also torn between causing hurt to their Mother. Particularly, as she has remained single and is their primary carer. My point is that integration is not always ‘our’ choice, but it is the choice of our children and the significant others in our life. In my case I have had authentic conversations with my kids, who are practically young adults now. However, I do firmly believe that when they are ready to take the step towards integration it will be their choice, and as such be more meaningful. However, I accept without reservation that every relationship and situation is different and that mine own is perhaps rather exceptional.

    • I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. I agree that integration isn’t the choice of only one party. In my case, though, I’ve spent five years protecting my boys from the possibility of further pain (after their father left) by not allowing them to develop a relationship with anyone I’ve been romantically involved with. They have not had the choice about whether to connect. I’ve made that choice for them by keeping my relationships separate from my family life. That separation has served selfish purposes too: I truly had my Cinderella times when my kids were with their dad. But I can see that it’s time to move on and see how it feels to bring some balance to my life.

      I hope that your children will come to accept your partner – and your new life.

  13. I think you’re incredibly sensible about things. I wish I was truly rational. When my kids were small they had a bit to do with my romantic partners – mostly that was ok since it was just the ‘fun’ bit and they never saw them as anything more central than ‘that guy who plays nintendo really well’ or whatever. With my ‘horrible ex’ unfortunately my son got fond of him, but then, how is one to know! I think if you can sense what you need and must do at a particular time,and follow it, that’s a good way to live. Now I think I need to push boundaries a little, and also to write. And perhaps too to find a cuddle.

    • That is my great fear: that my kids will get attached to somebody and then it won’t work out. I feel like I’ve failed them once in not being able to keep my marriage – and our family – together. But it’s time to let that thinking go, I think. And as I don’t have a crystal ball, and can’t see how things might turn out, it’s time to risk a little. It’s only five years along that I feel ready enough in my own heart to contemplate having somebody who I might let in to my whole life.

      Yes! Write! (And get thee some cuddle, too. It does a body good!)

  14. This is beautiful – and with that image! I’m so happy for you, and I really wish you a wonderful year of integration, and of lasting happiness.
    For me, I think this year is about going with the flow… and becoming part of things, rather than sitting on the fringes. Looking forward to an interesting ride πŸ™‚

  15. babedarla says:

    It seems that 2012 had a similar theme for both of us: creativity and stretching beyond our normal borders. I also tend to compartmentalize, keep each bit separate, overdoing one part, ignoring another…leads to burn out, doesn’t it? happy 2013! Here’s to integration!

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