Stolen Moments on the Sea Wall

Sea Wall An hour into a walk along Vancouver’s sea wall, and I’m filled with a deep sense of contentment. The late afternoon sun is shining and the sea air is crisp. It’s mid-February and the weather on the coast this time of year is dreary and grey. This sunny afternoon is a gift, and so is the fact that I’m staying in English Bay for a couple of days. And so I’ve slipped away for a long, solitary walk in one of my favourite places.

Sea Wall 2For February, the sea wall is busy. People are walking and running, cycling and rollerblading, all of them, like me, taking in the sunshine. And even though there are people all around me, I’m on my own and reveling in the solitude. I am happy to have some time to myself, some time to relax, and some time for a bit of exercise. I’m in Vancouver for a conference, and the days have been busy: I’ve been connecting with colleagues from other parts of B.C and Canada, many of whom I only see at this particular conference; I’ve been preparing for the presentations I’m making; I’ve been checking out other people’s presentations. It’s the kind of professional growth I appreciate the most.

Sea WallThe evenings have been equally busy. I’m at this conference with a dozen or so colleagues from my workplace, and we’ve taken the opportunity to have some fun together after hours, gathering for drinks, heading out together for dinner, and generally enjoying some social time together. I love having the chance to connect like this outside of work, and we’ve had some great laughs together.

English Bay                                                                            But it’s good to have some time away, some time alone. Though I’m enjoying my time at the conference, I’m also feeling drained. Solitude is so important for me in these kinds of situations. Exercise is critical. And when I can also get a hit of mid-winter sunshine and some time by the sea, it really can’t get much better. I’ll return to my colleagues recharged, and with the serenity of an afternoon of sunshine and sea air.


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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18 Responses to Stolen Moments on the Sea Wall

  1. dinkerson says:

    I find solitude, at these sort of events, to be essential; albeit, ever difficult to be had.
    These shots are wonderful.

  2. Beautiful scenery. We’ve been having some beautiful days here as well and it is wonderful. Glad you got to recharge, it feels so good.

  3. Sounds like being fully alive where you are! That’s always a good thing. Great pics.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful place! Enjoy…

    Actually, if I recall, last time you were on one of these trips you were going crazy in New Orleans?? 😉

  5. Looks like you got the good weather, in town! I went up Grouse yesterday… and got snowed on! Irony being that I almost did Stanley Park instead…

    • Isn’t that funny! We could have passed on the sea wall! I don’t think I’ve ever done the Grouse Grind. One of these days when I’m feeling energetic…You are very lucky to have so much gorgeous scenery, so many great restaurants, and so much culture in Vancouver. I love coming over for a visit.

      • Oh… I think you’d remember if you had done the Grind! Believe me… it’s not easily forgotten.
        Thanks… there are worse places to immigrate to, certainly! 🙂
        The Grind “proper” is closed for the season, but there were still a few people getting the SkyRide down yesterday who had plainly just done it. Son and I did the Snowshoe Grind again – the “legal” alternative during snow season.
        I understand people wanting to continue walking the Grind during off season… but they’re not really thinking of the poor folk who need to go out looking for them if there’s an avalanche. They dress for a 30 minute hill-run, not a night out on the mountain.
        Anyway, I’m sure you’re always welcome in Vancouver. We’re quite accommodating, really.

      • You Vancouverites are a very accommodating lot. And you have fabulous restaurants. Three cheers for Raincity Grill, Banana Leaf, and True Confections! (And a standing ovation for the lovely, old fashioned bar at the Sylvia Hotel…)

  6. Diane C says:

    One of my favourite things about growing up in Vancouver was Stanley Park and the seawall. Beautiful shots! Did you see the bow from the Princess of Japan? My grandfather was a cabin boy on that ship in the very late 1800s.

  7. heysugarsugar says:

    lovely post my friend x

  8. Solitude, yes. And the sea for me, too. I am always amazed by how much a mere thirty minutes spent at the ocean’s side can recharge and rejuvenate me. It’s a happy mystery… Maybe magic. 😉
    Lovely post and beautiful pictures from your trip. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the west coast – of either Canada or the United States. The day will come…

    • Thank you for coming by, Ellen! I agree about the power of the sea to recharge, and I love your words: a happy mystery… (I’m quite sure that I am part mermaid, so I wouldn’t discount magic either) ! I grew up on the west coast, and feel incredibly fortunate to have ended up here. But I’ve only ever been to the east coast once, on a truly wonderful trip to Newfoundland. I think I’d like to spend more time exploring the maritime provinces, as well as the east coast of the US. So much to do!

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