Storm Season

Storm SeasonRugged, wild and desolate, the west coast of Vancouver Island is perhaps my favourite place in the world; this time of year, during storm season, the rain-soaked, windswept beaches are nearly deserted. Though I love this place in the summer, I’m drawn to the wild windy beauty of mid-winter. There’s something about venturing out onto a long and lonely beach, buffeted by the wind, feeling the sting of the cold rain. There’s something about curling up in front of a fire, watching huge waves sweep in, listening to the wind howling and the rain lashing hard against windows.There’s something about falling asleep to the roar of the Pacific.

Storm Season 2

Recently, Will and I got away to the west coast for a few days. It was cold enough for hail and ice, so we didn’t spend long hours walking the beaches. This trip was about short forays out onto the beaches followed by tea and muffins at the Common Loaf Bakery in Tofino; it was about drinks in the bar at Black Rock Resort, where we stayed, watching the trees bend in the wind and the waves crash in to shore. The beauty of storm season is knowing that after time in the wind and the fog and the driving rain, there is shelter; there are warm drinks and a warm bath and a warm fire.

Chesterman BeachI’ve been weathering my own storm season these last couple of months, buffeted by inner turmoil, shaken by fear and uncertainty; I’ve spent too much time worrying and not enough enjoying life.  It’s been a season when I’ve needed to retreat, to take shelter, to journal rather than to blog. I’ve needed to be inside myself. And along the way, I’ve started to come to terms with my own storms.

After the storm

The Universe just keeps sending me the same lesson over and over again: stay in the moment. Appreciate the “right now.” Stop worrying about what may or may not lie ahead. One of these days I’m going to learn.

Long Beach

I’m in a calm place right now. I’ve found my “right now” and I’m going to try and stay here a bit. It feels as though maybe the worst of the storms have passed.


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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15 Responses to Storm Season

  1. El Guapo says:

    Hope the storms are over.
    Nothing wrong with being aware of the future, but enjoying the present makes the future more fun to look forward to.
    (I would love to enjoy those storms with a cup of hot chocolate, my girl, and a blanket inside a warm beach house!)

    Rock on Delicious!

  2. Valuable lessons in your beautiful post, you have eloquently dragged out the thoughts of each one of us. I love that season too, which is brought out in the poem I posted as ” the sea and me ” it’s about the sea in all the seasons but each person has his way of writing and you described it under a different angle which came out perfect, thank you!

  3. Phew…I wasn’t getting worried for a sec! Now I do like being in the moment, ’cause that is the only place you can ever live…

    Give this a go, head out tonight and look at all the stars in the universe, and think about where the centre is….you! All points back to you, so enjoy the moment!

    I did it this morning while I was training at silly o’clock in The Shed, love it…!

    BTW, we like wind swept beaches, maybe you can keep the sleet though…

  4. The good thing is, storms come…and then they go. Hope you’re able to stay in the calm a while 🙂

  5. Diane C says:

    Amazing shots Sally! I’m a bit green – I love Tofino in the stormy weather much more than in the sunshine although it has been several years since I was last there. I agree with Alarna Rose. The trick with storms, I have found, is to let them happen – they are going to anyhow – and then let them pass you by.

  6. Glad to hear you’ve found tranquility for the moment. And I’m a firm believer that being at the beach in any weather makes for a good “right now.” Enjoy the surrounding beauty and light.

  7. amb says:

    Gorgeous photos! I especially love the light in the first one 🙂

  8. Kecia Adams says:

    Oh! This is really lovely, Sally. I spent some time in Whidbey Island Washington and know just that season you’re talking about. Somehow nature can really help us weather our internal storms. We just have to be observant, as you are.

    • Hi Kecia, thank you so much for dropping by! The west coast, whether of BC, Washington, or further south, is truly magnificent. Blogging has helped to remind me of how fortunate I am to live where I do. Even when weathering personal storms. 🙂

  9. Photos are fabulous. I love storms, because they create such dramatic breaks in life, there is a feeling of before and after, of having survived something that is both beautiful and terrible. Storms manifest human emotions in its extreme glory–rage, passion, fear–and then the peace of the aftermath. Great post.

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