Time to Breathe


It’s been one of those crazy, hardly time to catch my breath kind of days, the kind of day where I needed two or three extra hours just to make my day work.

We were out the door before 7:30 this morning so that the boys could catch their respective busses, and then I raced to work for 8:00, steeling myself for the various projects that needed my attention. Emails. Phone calls. Various interruptions. And some long, solid blocks of time to work on those things on my priority list.

And then straight to my middle son’s school to watch his rugby game (he scored four tries!), over to a friend’s to pick up my youngest son, and then a quick run to pick up my eldest from work. The fastest dinner preparation on record, while simultaneously teaching my youngest how to do long subtraction. And then back out to get my middle son to soccer practice.

I am a rock star mom.

And then… quiet. An hour and a half without any kids and a long trail through woods and peaceful farmland. No noise except the birds. And, at long last, time to breathe.





About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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15 Responses to Time to Breathe

  1. amb says:

    You are a rock star, period!

  2. Funny how, with all the artificially created stresses we put on ourselves (email is hardly a natural phenomenon!), we still feel so recharged and revitalised by such a simple (and FREE) thing as a stroll in the woods.

    • So true. And I know that I could say no to my middle guy and limit him to a single sport. But it’s where he excels, and I’m so incapable of denying him those experiences of success, even if it means spending my whole evening in the car. The trick is in balancing the needs of three boys (and their mom!)

      But a walk in the woods does wonders…

  3. you sound like a rock star to me!

    • It’s a good day when I get my kids out the door after a healthy breakfast and before the bus comes, know that they have good lunches packed and homework done, and they’ve hopefully brushed their teeth. Whether I’ve had time for any of that is sometimes debatable 🙂

  4. Phew…don’t stop breathing, how good is a walk to dissolve the day’s “noise”

  5. kp says:

    Sally, I remember those days well…but we had only two kids at home and there were two of us to juggle all of their schedules into ours. You are a rock star!! Good for you for making time for walks through the forest and writing on your blog. I am sure that both activities keep you centred and sane!! Kim

    • Yes, nature, exercise and writing: three things that absolutely feed my soul and preserve my sanity. (That, and having time when my boys – much as I adore them – are at their father’s house…)

  6. Grace says:

    ahhhh, I remember those days. Good job!
    Love the pictures – they made me take in a deep breath

    • Thanks for stopping by! I was halfway through my walk, breathing deeply, and appreciating the beauty of my surroundings, when I realized that this was a moment worth sharing, at which point I pulled out my iPhone, and noticed even more beautiful things, like the spring flowers… It’s one of the joys of blogging for me that it sometimes helps me to attend to the beauty all around me.

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  8. I could really feel the relief at getting a moment to breathe, reading this! Beautiful pics, and by the way, you are a rock start Mum!! 🙂

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