On Beginnings


Sunrise in Sidney

“Start the year the way you want it to end.” This is how my Chinese colleague approaches the Chinese New Year.

I love the idea of starting with the end in mind, which is why this afternoon I booked an overdue medical appointment while washing my kitchen floor. I’ve been catching up on laundry, addressing the little piles of clutter around the house, and generally bringing order to my world.ย  At work, I’ve been focusing on those projects I’ve been meaning to get to, and wrapping up a few that were nearly done. Before I left today, I even tidied up my office.

It feels good. There is a measure of calm and order in my life that allows me to stretch in other places.

Sunrise2I’m starting this new year in a good place. My boys are doing well. Things are going well with my man. I’m exercising. I’m entertaining. I’m even writing a bit. I’m doing the things I love. And I’m pushing myself in new directions. I’ve spent the last ten days putting together an application package for a job that I would love. Even if it goes no further, the process of writing a CV, of gathering together the many threads of the work I’ve been doing over the past few years, of cataloging my skill set, shows me how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve accomplished. The process has been rewarding and revealing. I see now how much I have to offer and how ready I am to step into a role of greater leadership.

I’m beginning the Lunar New Year in a hopeful and happy place, in a calm and orderly place. It feels promising. And as Chinese New Year approaches, I wish for you a promising and prosperous Year of the Horse.


How are you beginning the Lunar New Year?


About Sally

Poet, seeker, author, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.
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14 Responses to On Beginnings

  1. susielindau says:

    I was riding high into the new Chinese year and then the last 24 hours have been ridiculous!!! To top it off, some guy at the grocery store yelled at me an hour ago. I’ll never know why. He was most likely on something, but it rattled me. It’s supposed to be a fantastic year for me and I am so ready for it to begin. I need to lose the “kick me” sign on my back!!!

  2. El Guapo says:

    Apparently I’ll be spending Lunar New Year on my to Canada for a concert.

    Everything else sounds like you’re on track for a great year!
    Hope all goes well at the doctor.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Sally,
    We had some Chinese colleagues to dinner who were visiting from Shanghai. In China the year in which you are born is important because you inherit these qualities, and the ‘Horse’ year will be a good year to have a child. Here are the qualities of this year’s children

    “People born in the year of the horse have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight. They are clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy but stubborn. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are popular among friends, active at work and refuse to be reconciled to failure, although their endeavor cannot last indefinitely.”

    What year were you born under?

  4. Good for you – starting your year on a great note. I’ve started this lunar year by finishing a project I started last year, so in a way it feels like my year (of the Snake) is only catching up with me now! Cheers to beginnings, and endings ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Alarna, I absolutely agree that wrapping up a project is just as invigorating as a fresh beginning. I’m working towards the end of a very big project at work and can hardly wait for it to be done. May the year ahead be a good one!

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